Rojo Levien

I studied photography at Bradford University where I covered many different aspects of photography such as portraiture, reportage, fine art, and landscape. In my second year I was one of the runners-up in the national photography competition run by the Samaritans charity,

In my final year I focused on press photography and my final project was a study of Fox Hunting and Hunt Sabs.

After University I spent time on my own projects and working with other photographers - this was important to get out of the educational mind-set and move into a professional space. This included some time taking photographs in Serbia and Hungary.

In 2005 I went to Sheffield to take the National Council for Training Journalists' course in Press Photography. This was a short, intensive course covering all the areas of press photography and gave me a greater understanding of the newspaper industry.

In the winter of 2005 I went to Kent and worked on the East Kent Gazette as a press photographer. This was a time of putting what I had learnt into practice; I knew how to take a photograph but not how to control a crowd, put an image together and handle the workflow of capturing images and meeting print deadlines.

After this spell in the newspaper industry, I wanted to work for myself and set up as a freelance photographer. I now photograph landscapes, undertake commercial work for people and companies requiring images of their products and work with artist & musicians to help them promote their work.

I am always looking for new challenges, especially in the fields of documentary and reportage.